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On Internal Engineering practices at Amazon
A company that's innovating how rest of the companies work, doesn't innovate internally.
23 May 2018
working for a startup makes increasingly less sense
unless, as I repeat several times in the post, you are really into the mission. So, that'd rule out Snapchat.
25 March 2019
🇺🇸 America / first impressions
Ugh. Where are all my friends?
14 October 2017
Never too early for new new year resolutions. Or late current year resolutions? Well, as they say "The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, now it's too late."
9 November 2018
why and where
So, Amazon was too much after two years. How has Jeff been doing it for 15 years? I guess owning it helps.
21 July 2016
a twitter thread
25 May 2018