why and where

So, Amazon was too much after two years. How has Jeff been doing it for 15 years? I guess owning it helps.

June 30th was my last day at Amazon. It was a fun ride, for the most part. Met some good people I am going to remember for life, and will hopefully stay in touch with some of them.


At the end of two years, I just felt it was time for change. I believe Amazon is better than most big companies out there but felt there was a lot of scope for improvement. In the end, I read somewhere that stay at a company if you can see yourself as one of the senior people there, because that's where you are inevitably going to be.

So, I took the plunge and resigned. Honestly, it's a bit scary since from where I come from you just don't let a bird go, unless you have a new one in hand. But I felt I needed my hands to be free.


I want to explore a couple things:

  1. Phineas
    Work on reaching a private beta.

  2. Freelancing / CodeGophers
    There are these sites that let you do small projects for money. Will apply for code gophers and see if I get in. Will also have a look at the kind of work Upwork/Elance has.

  3. Research
    Will contact some profs and talk about research opportunities.

  4. Online Tech Writing
    Write for sites like Scotch

  5. Develop New Skills
    Learn React/Docker, or take a screenwriting course.